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Uncertainty in high spatio-temporal resolution rainfall estimation

Welcome to the website of the research project "Uncertainty in high spatio-temporal resolution rainfall estimation".

During 2011-2013 the website will present relavant works and results from the project.

The main objectives of the project are to:

• Quantify and investigate uncertainties in weather radar precipitation estimates
• Quantify uncertainties in weather radar precipitation forecasting
• Apply weather radar precipitation estimates (with uncertainties) in forecast and in forecasting of urban drainage system states.

Project outcomes:

• Knowledge on spatio-temporal variability of rainfall and the uncertainties related to the estimates
• A probalistic modelling system for flow and water level forecasting of drainage systems in order to handle capacityproblems due to climate changes

This project differs from other similar research project by focusing on real time application in order provide forecast of potential flooding, combined sewer overflow, or inlet flows to waste water treatment plants.

The project is financed by the The Danish Council for Independent Research and will be conducted as a 2-year postdoc scholarship by PhD Søren Thorndahl.

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