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Aalborg University (DENMARK) - AAU-C

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Wave Energy Research Group
Contact: Jens Peter Kofoed 

Det Norske Veritas (England) - DNV

Contact: Principle surveyor Claudio Bittencourt Ferreira  

Rambøll Oil & Gas A/S (Denmark) - RAM

Contact: Wave Energy Consultant Kim Nielsen 

Sterndorff Engineering (Denmark) - SE

Contact: Senior Engineer/Owner Martin Sterndorff 

DHI Water and Environment (Denmark) - DHI

Contact: Ole Svenstrup Petersen, Head of Innovation/Business Development Manager

University of Bologna, DISTART Idraulica (Italy) - UniBo

Contact: Assist. prof. Barbara Zanuttigh  

Wave ENergy Centre - WavEC

Contact: Senior Researcher Ana Brito-Melo 

Edinburgh University (Scotland) - EUIES

Institute for Energy Systems
Contact: Prof. David Ingram 

DTU Mechanical Engineering (Denmark) - DTU

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Harry B. Bingham  

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/COPPE, Ocean Structures & Underwater Technology - UFRJ

Contact: Senior Prof., Director Segen Farid Estefan  

Aalborg University Esbjerg (Denmark) - AAU-E

Institute of Energy Technology
Contact: John K. Pedersen 

Fraunhofer (Germany) - FRAU

Contact: Head of Energy Conversion Jochen Bard 

Associated partners

Diego Vicinanza

Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Coastal Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering, Second University of Naples, Italy

Italy Wave Energy

WP1 Hydrodynamics
1.3 and 1.4 on wave loadings

Jòannes Gullaksen

Naval Architect, MSc (Eng), Eur Ing, MRINA, SNAME
JG Maritime Engineering Ltd.
Global Subsea Solutions - Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture

Website: www.jg-maritime.com