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Safety and working environment

Safety in the laboratories

"The best safety equipment is the one between your ears"

But you may also need various tools hereto like safety shoes, safety helmet, safety glasses and so on. 

The Department of Civil Engineering give health and health a high priority for both employees and students. We want to focus on the safety and working environment of employees and students in all activities in every work day. 

For students

For supervisors

Working environment

APV 2012-2015 (workplace evaluation)

At Aalborg University (AAU), the well-being of employees are prioritised, which is why e.g. the university strategy is focusing on the working environment. The physical, psychical and safety related working environment help to define the well-being of the employees and so a continuous APV process from 2012-2015 will be conducted which will include a joint workplace evaluation (APV) and well-being study for the entire university. 

See Working Environment Committee's answers to APV 2012 questions

Info on and results from APV 2012-2015

Psychical and physical working environment / Working Environment Committee

The Working Environment Committee handles both the psychical and physical part of the working environment. This could be matters such as safety in laboratories or in offices, or handling the physical APV (workplace evaluation). You are always welcome to bring good ideas to improve the safety and well-being in the department. The Working Environment Committee representatives are listed on the intranet.

Psychical working environment / Joint Consultation Committee (JCC)

The JCC mainly handles the cases concerning the psychical working environment, e.g. handling the psychical APV, or if you feel bullied or harassed in any way. The committee has a duty of confidentiality of course. It could also be matters of more positive nature like if YOU had a good idea for improving the working environment in the department. The JCC representatives are listed on the intranet