Project descriptions

The research is divided in three work packages focusing on either component, system or concept level.

WP 1 - Concept level

Zero energy building concepts

The technical solutions and results from WP 2 and 3 will form the technical basis for research and development of new building concepts. Besides application of new technical solutions, the research in WP 1 also focus on defining the future context of these building concepts including energy supply scenarios, user perspectives and behavior, architecture and indoor climate. In the following is included a more detailed description of the individual projects in each work package.

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WP 2 - System level

Integration of building systems

WP 2 focuses on the integrated control of the intelligent building construction and envelope systems (from WP 3) and the building services and on the integration of the building services and the renewable energy and energy supply (heating) system. New developments of building services and renewable energy systems will be limited to issues related to systems integration and control. A key aspect in the development and intelligent control of system solutions is the possibility to test them under “real life” conditions. This is ensured through access to Energy Flex House developed by TI. 

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WP 3 - component level

New intelligent building technologies

In WP 3, research focus has been limited to the development of intelligent building components, which are part of the building construction and envelope system and are actively used for transfer and storage of heat, light, water and air. The centre does not cover development of components related to the building services systems and the renewable energy systems.

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