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Division of Transportation Engineering

About the division

About the division


The majority of the scientific work in Transportation Engineering is conducted within traffic safety and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In recent years freight transport has also been a growing focus area.

Selected target areas in traffic safety:

  • New approaches for designating dangerous parts of the road network
  • Studies of effects from various passive initiatives on traffic safety
  • Use of ITS to improve higher traffic safety.

Selected target areas in ITS:

  • Use of date from moving vehicles called Floating Car Date for analysis for traffic management and -services
  • Bluetooth for detecting traffic flow
  • Environmentally friendly driving

Selected targets areas in freigt transportation: 

  • Collaborative Logistics
  • Big data, optimizatiion and infrastructur.

Research groups

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    Freight Transport

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    Intelligent Transport Systems

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    Road Modelling

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    Traffic Safety

    The focus of the research group is largely the traffic safety of the roads. We focus on the role of the road, the road user as well as the vehicle regarding traffic safety; just as better accident data and working with accident surrogates are essential in the research group’s work. Our approach to working with traffic safety is interdisciplinary and spans from the engineer’s work with safe road design and development of safe vehicle technology, on to the statistician’s analysis of large data set and index studies and to the sociologist’s analysis of moral standards, opinions and behaviour.

    Our method involves, among other things, working with intervention studies, index studies, qualitative interview and observation studies and also descriptive studies of the traffic safety of roads, road users and vehicles – including cohort studies. We also work with setting up accident models for the anticipated number of accidents on roads.

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