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QUALITY AND employability

We work determinedly with the maintenance and further development of a high quality in our study programmes.

All study programmes are research-based and characterized by great relevance and employability in correlation with the surrounding society. Active researchers conduct the teaching, in close relation to the surrounding society in order to keep it always relevant and up to date. This will reinforce that the finished candidates’ competencies and knowledge are consistent with the needs and expectations of the surrounding society.   

Teaching methods and form of learning are continuously developed and reimagined.


There is a continuous work with ensuring the highest quality of the study programmes. The quality assurance is conducted at both teaching and study programme levels.


We are actively participating in the work with development and operation of a professional quality assurance system that must be characterized by systematical and relevant feedback from students, teachers, graduates, employer panels and examiners.

We take equal part in development and efficiency improvement of the university’s student administrative system as well as the university’s other administrative systems.


Please go to the Danish site for previous evaluations of teaching and study programmes (only available in Danish). 

Quality assurance at AAU

Learn more about quality assurance and development of study programmes, e.g. policies, procedures, semester descriptions, teaching evaluation and more) 


Quality assurance at AAU