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What does a study board do?

The study board approves teaching plans, work out proposals for study programmes and speak on general rules for exams, marking and teaching. The study board also processes dispensation applications and cases concerning qualification.   

The study board is a committee consisting of elected representatives of teachers and students with up to 10 members in total divided 50/50. The teachers are elected for a four-year period and the students for one year. The study board elects a chairperson among the teachers in the study board.

If you as a student would like to run for study board, go to AAU’s election site.

About the study board for Civil Engineering

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    Meeting calendar

    The Study Board of Civil Engineering regularly meet; approx. once a month. The study board meetings involve handling conditions concerning the performance and further development of the study programmes. This could be e.g. revising of study programmes, allocation of resources for the various study programmes within the study board area, follow-up on semester evaluations and handling requests and applications.

    The study board continuously focus on quality development of the current study programmes and develops new programmes.

    Meetings in 2019

    • 13 February
    • 13 March
    • 10 April
    • 15 May
    • 4 June
    • 18 September
    • 23 Oktober
    • 20 November
    • 4 December
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    staff representatives

    • Lene Faber Ussing (chairman)
    • Lars Damkilde
    • John Dalsgaard
    • Per Møldrup
    • Niels Agerholm
    • Olena Kalyanova Larsen  (observer)

    Student representatives

    • Mia Gotfredsen (Næstformand)
    • Nanna Lybæk Knudsen
    • Marie Ryskov Albret
    • Emile Tranegaard Sigmer
    • Line Møller Friis
    • Kristian Bonderup (observer)

    StudY Board secretary

    • Eva Fryd, ef@civil.aau.dk



When you begin your education, you will be signed into a curriculum (studyline). You will always be entered into the current studyline. 

See curriculum (studylines)

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