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Division of Reliability, Dynamics and Marine Engineering

About the division

About the division

The division's research and study activities are centered around: 

  • Challenges related to civil engineering structures like harbour structures, offshore structures, wind turbines and wave energy devices. 

At the moment, the current research in the division is specifically concentrated on: 

  • Risk and reliability analysis of large constructions and renewable energy structures, with specific focus on wind turbines and wave energy devices. 
  • Structural dynamics, with focus on passive and active control of the response of the constructions. 
  • Analysis of wind generated waves - herein determination of wave loads on harbour and offshore constructions as well as stabilisation studies of pier constructions. 
  • Modelling, development and evaluation of energy production and structural loads of various wave energy devices.

Research groups

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    Danish Centre for Risk and Safety Management

    Danish Centre for Risk and Safety Management is a co-operation between University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University Esbjerg that will put Esbjerg in play as the leading part in research of safety and risk assessment. In 2013, the first class with 25 students is expected to begin the Centre’s Master’s degree programme and thereby become educated, qualified work power with in safety and risk assessment for the companies in the Esbjerg area. Visit the RISK website.

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    Ocean and Coastal Engineering

    We conduct research within the field of ocean waves and hydrodynamic modelling, with particular focus on marine renewables and coastal structures. 

    Our research is primarily carried out through externally funded collaborative projects, involving both private and public organizations, and our teaching is primarily aimed at master level courses within civil engineering and PhD courses within its primary field of research.

    Visit the OCERG website

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    Risk, Resilience and Sustainability in the Built Environment

    We contribute to building a safe, resilient and sustainable society through research, research-based education, technology development, and private and public sector services by providing risk-informed decision support for the management of the built environment. 

    Our research areas are as follows: 

    • Probabilistic system modelling
    • Risk-informed decision-making
    • Resilience of systems
    • Sustainability of systems
    • Natural hazards risk management

    Read more about the research on the R2SBE Research Group website

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    Structural Dynamics

    Our research revolves around the following topics: 

    • Stochastic analysis and reliability analysis of structures exposed to wind, waves, earthquake and traffic.
    • Nonlinear and chaotic behaviour of structures with large dynamic response.
    • Active, semi-active, passive and smart material strategies for vibration control of dynamically excited structures.
    • Dynamic analysis of wind turbines.
    • Vibration control of wave energy absorbers for optimal power take-off.

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