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Ocean and Coastal Engineering Research Group (OCERG)



We conduct research within the field of ocean waves and hydrodynamic modelling, with particular focus on marine renewables and coastal structures. 

Our research is primarily carried out through externally funded collaborative projects, involving both private and public organizations, and our teaching is primarily aimed at master level courses within civil engineering and PhD courses within its primary field of research.

Some of our research topics: 

  • Numerical and experimental modelling and design of coastal and harbor structures, with specific focus on breakwaters.
  • Numerical and experimental hydrodynamic modelling and design of (arrays of) wave energy converters and floating wind turbines.
  • Power performance assessment, control optimization and evaluation of levelized cost of energy for wave energy converters
  • Real sea testing of wave energy converters and floating wind turbines.
  • Measurements, analysis and forecasting of ocean waves.
  • Design, analysis and optimization of moorings for floating structures exposed to waves.
  • Development and commercialization of software packages for wave laboratory equipment and wave generation systems.

Head of research group

Open call for MaRINET2 Transnational Access programme

Call number 4 for the MaRINET2 Transnational Access programme is now open!

If you’re looking to test your offshore renewable device or component, you could get free access to one of dozens of facilities.

More info: http://www.marinet2.eu